The Obama Abortion Ad

It took him a while to get the abortion ad to the press.

He uses a planned parenthood nurse.

No, not a nurse from the general medical field. He uses a nurse whose job it is to perform abortions to tell us all how we must not curtail the right to an abortion.

Obama does not mention in the ad that reducing abortions would impact the nurse’s pocketbook.

And who is the nurse? We should know. Who put the nurse up to do the ad. She does not give out her name. Did Obama seek her out or did Planned Parenthood encourage it — and potentially violate coordination laws in elections. Or is it an actress posing as a nurse?

This ad raises a lot of questions and fails to mention such things as Obama being even further left on infanticide than Planned Parenthood.

UPDATE: I didn’t hear it in the ad when I listened to it, but several people tell me she does say her name is Val Baron or something like that. Who is she?