Sarah Palin. An Amazing, Historic, Epic Win.

Image descriptionSarah Palin took to the podium tonight and gave the speech of a lifetime, perhaps the best nationally broadcast political introduction in the convention history, and a knock out blow to the Obama-Biden campaign and their pals in the media.

Governor Palin’s performance was phenomenal. It was amazing to be inside the XCEL Center listening, seeing the crowd’s reaction, and seeing Governor Palin take the fight to opposition.

The media has pushed the Obama campaign’s narrative for days that Governor Palin does not have enough experience to be Vice President. Tonight, she proved the media wrong. She proved the media frauds. She proved she’s tough, she’s a fighter, and yes, she can lead.

Governor Sarah Palin could lead on day one. She is ready to be President.

But Governor Palin is not running for President. She is running for Vice President with more experience than Senator Obama has and better experience than Joe Biden has.

John McCain chose wisely.

After tonight, it is clear the media’s reaction to Sarah Palin was hyperbolic, false, and filled with the anger of a Democratic opposition just now recognizing what a threat Governor Palin is to their established order.

Sarah Palin is the real deal.

Don’t doubt it.