I have a question for Campbell Brown

Campbell, you are missing the point. It’s not just that you were pestering the McCain campaign about the National Guard in a clear effort to bait and trap the campaign when you already had the information and could report it instead of toying with the campaign. It’s that you did this after days and days of recounting, with delicious zeal, the Bristol Palin story — pretty much going into every detail in an effort to say it really isn’t something that should be talked about.

If you looked like you were trying to be fair and balanced, as opposed to loving the story, maybe we’d cut you some slack.

But since you seem to enjoy going into all the family details of the Palin family, etc., etc., etc., I’m wondering if you’d mind if I point out that your dad is a felon, having ripped off Louisiana citizens, committed insurance and mail fraud, and been found guilty of conspiracy.

Can we go into your family details too? No? Why? Because you aren’t running for public office?

Well, neither is Bristol Palin.