My Response to Ben Smith's Response To Me

You can see his response here.

He claims my headline is misleading because I identify “Democrats” as releasing the information.

if he knows that Democrats released it, he has better sources than I do.

Who among you really believes a Republican did it?

He then writes

e Social Security umber is missing its last four digits. That is, it’s already been redacted, in an apparent excess of caution by whoever prepared it from public record. You can’t get very far with a five-digit Social Security number.

As a lawyer, I know just how far you can get with a five digit social security number. Ben must not be that up to snuff in investigative stuff if he thinks otherwise. Likewise considering they put up her date of birth, her home address, and the first five digits, it makes it easy to get the other four.

All this by the party that “believes” in privacy rights.

On attributing the information to the “Alaska Democrats,” yep, I was wrong there. I misread.

But seriously, let’s go back to the original point. Ben won’t reveal his sources. Are we to accept that the documents were just hand delivered by media angels without partisan leanings?

I call bull.