FredState at the Convention

Image descriptionThis morning RedState and Google hosted a brunch for new media types with Fred Thompson.

He gave a terrific speech. Michelle Oddis will have more later at Human Events, as will other attendees have more here.

One of the great points Thompson made was comparing Palin and Obama’s experience. First, he pointed out how humorous it is that the Democrats are comparing their number one with our number two.

Second, they keep saying that Obama has experience, including foreign policy experience, because he is a senator. Fred Thompson took off after this point this morning. He said that just being in the Senate does not give you foreign policy experience. If it did, anyone who has ever sat in the gallery observing the Senate would qualify as a foreign policy expert.

DSC00052.JPGLook at Obama’s record. He never called his subcommittee together while on the Foreign Relations Committee. He rarely took a trip overseas. In fact, he only went to Iraq during the past few years after McCain pointed out how he had not gone.

Foreign policy experience is more than just showing up for a vote or a committee hearing during a campaign to get on television.

It was a good point we should remember. Yes, Joe Biden has foreign policy experience acquired during his time in the Senate, even though he’s got bad ideas (such as dividing up Iraq). Yes, John McCain has foreign policy experience. Barack Obama? Ehhh . . . not really.