We've Left The Arena

Image descriptionAlong with everyone else, we’ve left the arena. Show’s over for the day.

The one thing we all agree we hate are the power hungry twenty-somethings who get put in charge of things like Blogger Row. For the most part, they were great, except for one jerk who threw us out of our room.

We were assigned three chairs for eleven people. Right next to us was a room that was not reserved, not used, lights off, etc. So we asked the people managing the floor if we could move our crew in there. “Sure,” they said. Pretty soon a McCain staffer joined us and an RNC staffer joined us. Karl Rove stopped by to say hi.

Several other RNC people came by. We explained the situation. They were cool.

Then this power hungry too with spiky hair threw us and the McCain and RNC people out of the room, turned off the lights, and sat in the room.


But we’ll be back tomorrow.