Josh Green Is Soooo Totally Full of It

Image descriptionHere is Josh Green talking about the Sarah Palin pick:

Most Republicans have never met Sarah Palin and are processing the news of her selection as VP with the stunned-but-well-meaning emotions you might feel toward an acquaintance who just came out of the closet. Those given to caution when discussing such things at a brunch with journalists put a hopeful, might-be-a-stroke-of-genius spin on their astonishment. Those less inhibited–who are also better people–generally see the pick as irresponsible and politically motivated (and not in a good way).

This is so contrary to the reality of what’s happening on the ground in St. Paul and across the grassroots of the pary, I don’t really even know where to begin.

I was out late last night and have talked with numerous delegates, both at the airport on the way up, and here in St. Paul. Everyone is delighted McCain went bold and picked Palin.

The grassroots relate to her in a way they did not relate to Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty.

And that’s the key here. The base is delighted. The delegates are enthusiastic. It is the money men who backed other candidates for President who are disappointed. It’s the people at the top who bet on another horse who are upset. And they already don’t much care for McCain.

But the base, the largest group in the party, the people who really do count at the end of the day, they are quite happy with the pick.

*The other group not happy are the younger wanna-bes who want to be the power players later and are echoing the media conventional wisdom to establish their street-cred. These, of course, are the ones who run also ran campaigns later in life.