BREAKING: Convention Back On?

Image descriptionThe GOP Convention may very well get back on. Rumors are floating around the XCEL Center that the convention may be geared back up a few notches after Gustav came in weaker than expected.

Here, though, is what some of the behind the scenes people are bristling about: The McCain Campaign has ordered all punches against the Obama campaign taken out of speeches for the entire convention duration.

Several of the speakers had great lines contrasting Sarah Palin to both Joe Biden and Barack Obama. They were told to tone down their rhetoric or axe the statements all together.

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign has encouraged the left to continue pushing the looney story that Sarah Palin’s youngest child is actually her sixteen year old daughter’s child.

Likewise, on CNN, James Carville is showing pictures of the town hall of Wasilla, AK to disparage Governor Palin’s experience and attack small town America.

Nice guys finish last, Senator McCain.