Barack Obama's Denial Does Not Hold Water

On a personal note, several credible, reliable people have told me that Obama staffers have been forwarding out the story about Sarah Palin’s youngest son not being her own. In fact, the New York Times vaguely referenced the story the other day. They would not do that if lowly bloggers were pushing the story. It had to be a connected Democrat.

Barack Obama says his staff has not been pushing these stories.

But let’s delve into the heart of this matter.

When Hillary Clinton supporters started questioning whether Obama actually was born in the United States, who published the birth certificate? Daily Kos did. Barack Obama sent it to Daily Kos to get it out there. They have a close relationship, the campaign and website do.

When Barack Obama wanted to reach out to the netroots, where did he go to blog? At Daily Kos.

What site does Barack Obama have in his RSS reader? Daily Kos.

Barack Obama himself admits he reads Daily Kos.

We know from Ben Smith at the Politico that Democrats are pushing out the story about Sarah Palin’s support for abstinence only education. They were doing it before the announcement and now they are really doing it.

So today Barack Obama says he’d fire people from his staff who are pushing stories about the Palin family children.

Maybe he needs to start looking into his staff.

The pattern is clear: Obama’s campaign pushes information to Daily Kos. Daily Kos then spreads it and gets it into the media (probably because a lot of reporters are also diarists there). Given all the other ever changing statements from Obama, how exactly can we really believe his denials now, given his pattern and the connections?