Covering Sarah Palin

McCain-Palin '08

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Now, here are some key points worth remembering:

  • The Obama camp is comparing their number 1 to our number 2. That speaks volumes.
  • Palin had been in elected office for 5 years before Obama ever got elected.
  • Palin resigned her office to protest corruption. Obama has never met corruption he did not embrace.
  • Palin has balanced family, municipal, and state budgets. Obama, at best, has balanced a family budget, but he needed Tony Rezko’s help.
  • Palin runs the largest state in the nation. Barack Obama runs for President (and his mouth).
  • Sarah Palin did not run for President on her resume. Barack Obama did.-Barack Obama talks about reform. Sarah Palin reforms.

And again, the most important point is that the Obama campaign wants to compare Obama to Palin. Doing so is an admission that Obama should be their number 2 pick and Biden should be their number 1 pick.