Sarah Palin Runs A State. Barack Obama Runs His Mouth.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about the Palin pick. McCain lived up to his maverick reputation and did well.

It is time to pony up to the campaign. Sure, we’re still going to have to put up with some of McCain’s McCainisms. Let’s just get used to it. But, he’s proven he listens to us. Today he puts us on the trajectory toward victory.

Now let’s deal with some of Obama’s charges. Mr. Hope and Change, who picked a 35+ year veteran of the Senate to cover his own inexperience has the gall to attack Palin for inexperience.

Were I Palin, I’d first point out that balancing the budget of a working family with five kids gives her more experience than Obama in relating to families out there.

I’d also point out that, in addition to being elected for five years before Obama was first elected to any office, Palin has been balancing local and state government budgets while Obama was relying on Tony Rezko to balance his budget.

As for foreign policy experience, Palin’s neighborhood has Russian and Canadians. Barack Obama’s neighborhood has unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers.

I’ll take Palin’s experience. She, by the way, did not run for President on her resume. Obama did.