Epic. Win.


I’ve got to say, I don’t know a single person who was pushed in the Pawlenty misdirection who cares.

Pawlenty who? This is an epic win.

Sarah Palin is pro-life. She is a hunter and fisher. She is a mom. She is a reformer.

Obama has claimed the reformer mantel, but Obama embedded with the corrupt, entrenched politics of Chicago long before he went to Washington. When he got to Washington, he sent money home to his cronies.

Sarah Palin threw the cronies out of office.

And how can Obama combat the experience canard? Palin has more executive experience than Obama has had. And from what we’ve seen already, she is awesome.

The GOP is more united than the Dems have been. We just got more so. And we got a lot of new voters too.

Epic. Win.