BREAKING: Obama Campaign "Mad as Hell" At McCain

Several reliable sources tell me, riffing off the Jonathan Martin piece, that the Obama camp is “mad as hell” at John McCain for stealing his thunder.

As Martin reports:

Tonight would be political malpractice,” Obama communications chief Dan Pfeiffer told Politico. “It’s one more piece of evidence that the McCain campaign is a war room masquerading as a presidential campaign.”

I’m told the Democrats, recognizing that their convention has been rather bland, are already agitated that the media has gone into “storm watch” mode on the eve of Obama’s speech and they are likewise exceedingly upset that so many reporters are covering the McCain veep pick today.

“We had a week of this s* last week on who Obama would pick. It’s our turn. Sucks for them it happens to be this week. The storm will distract from both,” one source tells me.