MSDNC Claims It Has No Bias

MSDNC has defended its coverage of the Democratic Convention as not partisan.


MSNBC is as objective as RedState, but less professional.

“MSNBC does not have an ideology,” Griffin said. “We hire smart people who are passionate about their love of politics and love of news.” “Do I want them to have squabbles?” Griffin asked. “No. But I understand they’re human.”

This from the guy who just ditched Dan Abrams for Rachel somebody because Abrams did not have a partisan enough show and Olbermann wanted Rachel on instead.

Seriously, this network operates like Howard Dean’s hand is up Keith Olbermann’s butt moving his lips.

And they are reaping what they sow. The fact of the matter is that both CNN and Fox have done a very good job separating their opinion talent from their news talent. Both have pretty balanced and fair news.

Noticeably, Fox is the only network that has a rule requiring a political operative from both sides of the aisle when discussing a political topic. MSNBC does not even have that.

That Griffin denies all of this means he is either a liar or a fool. That he cannot seem to stand up to Keith Olbermann makes me think it is the latter.