Hillary Clinton Open Thread

Hillary speaks at the DNCIt’s night two. Mark Warner may have the keynote, but the networks aren’t covering it much. They are salivating for Hillary’s speech — particularly in light of Bill dissing Barack Obama today.

Have at it.

UPDATE: The DNC moved the keynote speech from Mark Warner up because Warner would not attack John McCain. What’s this? Politics as usual at the convention?

UPDATE: She’s here. I just don’t think the Obama camp really vetted this Hillary video. It’s just going to remind the PUMAs why they supported her.

Geez, who told her orange was a good idea? UPDATE My wife informs me that orange is across the color wheel from blue. Therefore, it’s a woman thang that works.

UPDATE: Wow. Michelle Obama just had a “die itchbay” look on her face. Holy cow!

One minute in and Hillary has not asked for help paying off the campaign debt. She also went through the litany of being a proud X, Y, and Z. “Wife of Bill” was not in the litany.

“No way, no how, no McCain.” Clever. No wonder she lost the primary.

Story of the night: MICHELLE OBAMA CANNOT HIDE HER CONTEMPT OF HILLARY. If looks could kill . . .

Well, Hillary is giving more of a substantive speech than anyone else so far. Advocates women’s right and gay rights. Subtly promotes expanded immigration.

Michelle Obama still wants to kill her.

Could she have mentioned Barack Obama any less? Geez. She’s mentioned McCain maybe twice. I think she’s only mentioned Obama four or five times.

This really is not a well delivered speech. But she’s boosting the number of references of Obama.

Hillary just reminded people of the Clinton years. Clinton sits back and beams ear to ear. The crowd goes nuts. Michelle Obama scowls.

“He’ll end the war” and “he’ll have a terrific partner in Michelle Obama.” Michelle visibly must remind herself to smile. Whoa. She really hates Hillary.

Could the applause for Joe Biden in Hillary’s speech have been any less enthusiastic?

It’s 11:04 p.m. and Hillary is on the 19th amendment and the right of women to vote, thereby sending code to the PUMAs to keep fighting.

Hillary Translator Fight on women. Fight on. Ignore the whole “elect Barack” stuff. Fight on for your rights.

Hillary is fired up now. “In America there is no chasm to great . . . no ceiling too high” [except for women who are being shut out of the White House].

Geez. She threw in the essentials for Obama. She knocked McCain. But the speech was littered with so many references to glass ceilings and women’s rights, I find it hard to believe she is really committed to Obama. And Michelle looked like she could kill Hillary the entire time.

what did Michelle Obama say at the end? Her lips looked like “I hate that . . . .” Holy cow! (I kid. Her looks killed. Her lips didn’t move . . . much. It did look like she said “I hate” something)

There was no real praise for Barack Obama in that speech, btw. There was nothing in there. She did not praise him at all. It was pro forma rhetoric.