Recapping a busy weekend at RedState

If you actually took the weekend off, we haven’t. Here is what you missed in our coverage of Joe Biden, then entire coverage of which you can find by going here. Likewise, you can have your coverage of Joe Biden included by using the tag “Joe Biden” including the quotation marks.

Leverkuhn is excited by the Biden pick.

Blue Collar Muse thinks there’s gonna be some self destruction on the Democratic side with this pick.

Moe Lane points out even Obama isn’t sure he’s ready to be President.

Dan Spencer reminds us about the Biden plagiarism mess.

Mark Impomeni wants to know if Obama is worried about Pennsylvania, necessitating a Biden pick.

I point out the media is trying to ignore Joe Biden’s son Hunter and how Obama really stuck it to Hillary.

Here are the real must reads:

Blackhedd on Leadership.

Domenech on Biden FTW!

Yousefzadeh on the incredible lightness of Joe Biden.