Bill Kristol continues his one man campaign for Lieberman

Image description For a long time Bill Kristol has used John McCain as the empty vessel of Kristol’s hopes and desires. John McCain may not be what Kristol wants, but Kristol imagines him so.

Here is his latest. After floating the trial balloon of a Lieberman nomination a while back, it seems clear with today’s column that Kristol was floating the Lieberman nomination on his own, and not in a way to help the McCain campaign.

Putting lipstick on the pig, Kristol writes:

Now as a matter of governance, there’s no reason to think this would much matter. McCain has made clear his will be a pro-life administration. And as a one-off, quasi-national-unity ticket, with Lieberman renouncing any further ambition to run for the presidency, a McCain-Lieberman administration wouldn’t threaten the continuance of the G.O.P. as a pro-life party. In other areas, no one seriously thinks the policies of a McCain-Lieberman administration would be appreciably different from those, say, of a McCain-Pawlenty administration.

Let me be clear: Joe Lieberman is a non-starter for so many parts of the base that it won’t happen. McCain understands this. McCain will not do it. He wanted to, but it won’t happen.

Everyone knows this now, except Bill Kristol.

Bill, give it a rest.