Pay no attention to Joe Biden's son, Hunter. It's totally not fair game. He's only making money off his dad's connections, that's all.

Here is a story most of the MSM is going to run away from as fast as possible.

The son of Barack Obama’s vice presidential pick, Sen. Joe Biden, is a top partner at a Washington law firm that has lobbied his father’s office, a family tie that could prove embarrassing for a campaign that has positioned itself as fighting lobbyists and special interests in Washington.In the first six months of this year R. Hunter Biden, a founding partner of Oldaker, Biden & Belair, has worked on accounts that brought it $470,000 from nine clients, according to lobbying disclosure records.…But the connections between the law firm and Biden are very close.For instance, William Oldaker, another named partner and former general counsel at the Federal Election Commission, has been Sen. Biden’s campaign treasurer for Congress.Oldaker has advised Biden on campaign issues, first during the Senator’s failed 1988 presidential bid. And while Oldaker has said he does not lobby Biden personally, he has spoken with Biden’s staff about some clients.

The media is shying away from covering this story. The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, NBC, CNN, etc. don’t think it is relevant to the campaign. And why should they cover it? It’s not like they put the spotlight on other candidates’ children’s lobbying ties on the front page of the newspaper.

On Christmas Eve 1994, Fred D. Thompson Jr. was out of a job. A 34-year-old self-described late bloomer, Mr. Thompson had graduated from law school just two years before and practiced law only for his father, Fred D. Thompson Sr., who was about to be sworn in as a senator from Tennessee.”I was out on the street, knocking on doors,” recalled the younger Mr. Thompson, who is known as Tony.But attending Brentwood Methodist Church in Nashville that night, Tony Thompson ran into the departing incumbent senator, Harlan Mathews, a Democrat. Mr. Mathews invited Tony to join him in a Nashville lobbying business, a job that would let him capitalize on his father’s new position.

That was David D. Kilpatrick on Page A1 of the New York Times on July 2, 2007.

In five years since leaving the Senate, Fred Thompson’s PAC “has paid more money to his son than it has contributed to help elect” GOPers to Congress. Since he decided to retire in ’02, Thompson’s PAC paid $244K in “management/consulting fees” to lawyer/lobbyist/Thompson son Daniel Thompson’s Nashvilleconsulting firm, according to records filed with the FEC.

That was the Hotline on April 23, 2007.

No, the media does not cover stories about the children of politicians. After all the media has never run detailed stories about Harry Reid’s family’s lobbying contracts and how the Reid family benefits by Harry pushing legislation for them.

You’ll not read about the Biden children in the paper. It just does not happen. The Fred Thompson stuff was just an anomaly. No doubt the New York Times regrets ever writing that story, as does the Hotline.

Of course, it is going to get a little awkward when the Obama-Biden tickets talks about Biden’s son in Iraq and totally ignores the one the campaign describes “as a lawyer” who just so happened to rake in $380,000 in the first six months of the year thanks to his dad’s connections.