Just How Little Change There Is In Obama's Hope

The non-traditional politician chooses a gaffe machine who has been in the United States Senate since The One was eight years old.

The only change there is that Obama has finally chosen to ditch the idea that he is a new type of politician. Obama is part of the failed legacy of liberalism of the past 100 years. There is nothing new here except the package.

The pro-abortion church going secularist chose a pro-abortion non-church going Catholic. (Yeah, yeah, Biden goes to church, it’s just that while he’s there he finds himself all alone. It’s his private, away from everyone time. See Matt 18:20)

The only twist is that Obama chose to wake everyone up at 3:00 in the morning to tell them. Why?

Why was the ad sent out at 3 o’clock in the morning? I suspect it was a snub at Hillary Clinton:

It’s 3 a.m. and who answered the phone? You did! Because Barack Obama woke your butt up to tell you he was abandoning his hope and change message in favor of a guy who did not even think Obama was qualified to be President less than eight months ago — someone just like Hillary Clinton, but not her!!!!

Beyond the fact it is so galling the Obama campaign told us all he’d text us at 10 a.m. this morning, and chose 3 o’clock to do it (maybe this was honoring the Chinese again, after all it was 3 p.m. in Beijing), look at where this puts Obama:

He could not go with a young guy for a running mate. He could not stretch the new, hope, and change message to his running mate.

Barack Obama was put in a box. He was put in a box because of his own inexperience. Obama could not get someone from the real world to be his running mate. He could not get a governor. He could not get a CEO. He could not get a general. He could not get anyone new, fresh, or outside the box.

Obama had to go with an old hand in the Senate because he has to reassure people that there will be an adult in the White House — never mind that the adult is a gaffe machine whose first run at the White House was blown out of the water after it came out he’d lied about his resume and plagiarized a British politician. That’s all irrelevant to Obama’s pick. The only thing relevant is Obama’s desire not to be overshadowed accompanied by his need for someone with experience.

Look for few open forums with Biden. They can’t take that chance.

And let’s remember the message at 3 a.m.

Having not even vetting Hillary Clinton nor helped her pay off her campaign debts, they did the ultimate snub.

They reminded everyone of her 3 a.m. advertisement. Only this time there was no crisis in the White House. There was only Obama’s ego texting — an ego too ashamed to announce his inexperience necessitated Joe Biden at 10 a.m. He had to do it under cover of night and sleep.

Way to rub Hillary’s nose in it. And way to wake us up. By dawn, no one gave a flip, which is no doubt how Obama wants it anyway.

After all, it is still all about him. “Experience? Pfffffft. Have I mentioned Joe Biden’s by my side? Now let me show you the repacked ginsu knives.”