Is It Just Me . . .?

Or does it sound like Obama really does not want a VP?

Just, for example, is Adam Nagourney from the NewsHour on PBS:

What they’re going to do is they’re going to send out, so they say, a text message or e-mail to millions of supporters and reporters who have signed up to get it. That will be the first time it There’s one thing interesting about this. I agree with susan about how they’ve dominated the news this week with the speculation about it. **But what strikes me about this is the fact that he’s going to announce it tomorrow at the earliest or saturday.** It’s in many ways evidence that they don’t look at the vice presidential choice as that significant to his campaign. I mean, **compare it to what john kerry did four years ago and there was, like, six days of traveling around the country. This will be a day. It has more of a feeling of checking the box.**

Ann Compton, just a few minutes ago on ABC News, announced that Obama is not even on Veep stuff today. He’s in Chicago practicing his speech for the convention. She added, breathlessly, “he’s even wearing a coat and tie.”


Maybe the reason this is taking so long is because they want to research whether The One needs more than One.

No doubt he’s also hacked off about having to add another name to the Obama ’08 stuff.

The One doesn’t need anyone else. The empty suit does not think the suit needs filling out.

Whoever the Second is, I feel sorry for him. He’s just going to be a prop as The One goes through the constitutional requirements He does not think He should have to follow.

It’s pretty darn hard for The One to be the indispensable One when he has to have a second in command.