I told you guys Georgia was not in play.

The Obama team realizes it too.

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has put the brakes on ads that were running in seven states carried by the GOP in the 2004 presidential election, FOX News has learned.

Of the seven states — including Alaska, Georgia, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota — Florida and Virginia are considered key battlegrounds this year. Obama’s decision to stop advertising in those states is raising eyebrows.

They say it is related to the convention next week, but I really don’t believe that.

Considering the spectacular burn rate and the lack of poll numbers going up in those states, it was time he aborted the effort anyway.

All for show and media buzz. To be sure, it got lots of media buzz and the media will never play up the take downs as much as they played up the fact Obama was targeting these states.

As I said way back when, he only was doing it to distract from how close things were for him in states he should be confidently ahead.

Now he’s got to save his money for the hard slog. In the end, I think running these ads will be one of the strategic moves that should not have been made.