From the Mailbag

From my appearance on Hannity & Colmes last night comes these gems:

From Bill Hicks:

“This world would be a better place if your blood was running down the streets.”

He was kind enough to follow up with this:

“I am a radical who supports the overthrow of this government through non violent means. I would like to see all neocons bleed to death in the streets of this formally great country.”

And then Richard Doyle of Clayton, MO, sends this gem:

If you believe Obama supports infanticide, then certainly you must think that Bush and Cheney and their administration and their supporters also support infanticide and murder in general. How many innocent children were killed and maimed in Iraq because of Bush’s decision to invade that country? Oh, you say that Saddam Hussein was an evil dictator who killed many people as well…..but did he kill children? How many children died because of Bush’s decision to invade Iraq, a decision made at best by cherry picking only things he and Cheney wanted to hear, but at worst a decision made because of lies? Have you ever seen any pictures at all of the blood and carnage and the dead and injured children in Iraq? You probably have not. It is heartbreaking; it is sickening to know what Bush did. You just want to sit back and talk about how well the surge is working, how great Bush’s strategy has been, how great Petraeus has been, blah, blah, blah, without mentioning, without remembering not only the 4000+ Americans dead; not only the 10s of 1000s of Americans wounded, many severely; but also without remembering the perhaps 100s of 1000s of Iraqis killed and maimed, including god knows how many children.Look at Bush’s record on the death penalty in Texas….that guy sure likes to kill people. I wonder how many of those people were actually innocent? If just one was innocent, that proves my point that Bush loves to kill. I do believe conservative Tucker Carlson’s account of Bush’s sneering remarks about convicted killer Karla Faye Tucker and her execution…..I’ve seen into Bush’s soul….he loves to kill.And I really get the feeling that people like you would sooner see an undocumented alien die than have your taxes go to treating a human being in desperate need of medical treatment in an emergency room. In fact, I have no doubt you would rather anyone die, illegal or not, if they have no health insurance, rather than having the very wealthy pay through taxes a miniscule part of their salary to support a national health insurance plan.Obama has two beautiful little girls. If you really believe he supports infanticide, you’re really screwed up in the head, with no hope of redemption, and I wouldn’t believe anything else you have to say.

I’d again point out that Margaret Sanger and Josef Mengele had kids too.