Nothing Against Joe, But No

I like Joe Lieberman. He’d be a terrific Secretary of State. But I don’t want another old guy, particularly an old pro-choicer (though he was pro-life until he ran with Algore), being Vice President.

I realize McCain loves history and we had the whole Lincoln-Johnson ticket at the start of the GOP, but this would be the end of the GOP — bookending the life of the party with a Democrat for Vice President (not to mention the legal issues).

The Washington Times has a report up now about GOP officials furiously making phone calls to make sure it will not be Lieberman.

Current reports are that he is out of the running, along with Ridge.

Just to be sure, you might want to call McCain’s senate office and let him know you aren’t keen on Lieberman for Veep.

The number is 202-224-2235.

And yes, call the senate office, not the campaign. I suspect it’ll be easier to get through there to someone who can record your comment.