Embracing the Axis of Evil: An Obama Adviser Goes To Syria and Comes Home Unsure if He Was Used

Obama has previously said he would unconditionally meet with the presidents of Syria and Iran.

Now one of his advisors has gone to Syria to offer some advice to Syria’s leaders.

Daniel Kurtzer, one of Obama’s many, many foreign policy advisers, went to Syria and met with Syria’s Foreign Minister, Walid al-Moallem.

Kurtzer and the Obama campaign say this was unrelated to the campaign. There seems to be a series of Obama advisers doing things on the national and international stage that all of a sudden do not represent the Obama camp once they are caught, despite clear benefits to the campaign.

You and I both know it’d be front page in the New York Times were this guy an adviser to John McCain. Look at how hard the Times and others pushed the “Randy Scheunemann used to be a lobbyist for Georgia” story.

There are some serious take away points from the article and we, yet again, must question who these people are with whom Obama has chosen to surround himself.

First, the trip was paid for by an oil company. Yes, an Obama adviser went to visit the junior partner of the Axis of Evil using petro-dollars. Again, imagine the outcry if he worked for McCain.

Second, the guy may have been used by the Syrians. Don’t believe me? Look at what Kurtzer himself says.

“None of us thought we were being used or abused,” he added. “But we will see over time.”

What the heck? Can you imagine the stink the media and Obama would make had this been a McCain adviser [Note: A McCain adviser would not answer the question so vaguely about being used. It’d be a definitive “no” unlike this guy].

And this is the guy Obama took to Israel last month to advise him on Middle Eastern issues!?!?!?!

Now, here is the real kicker. Tony Badran, an expert with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, notes that

“[I]t’s not a secret that the Syrians are openly banking on Barack Obama. It’s not surprising that they would build bridges in advance and do this through the window of the peace process.”

We have Obama’s Mid-East guy, the one he selected to go with him to Israel last month, use petro-dollars to fly to Syria to meet with Syria’s foreign minister, and he does not know if he was being used.

Obama lacks the experience to deal with these issues himself and lacks the judgment to surround himself with people who can deal with the issues without being used by the other side.

The world is far too dangerous a place to put Obama in office if he’s going to surround himself with people like Mr. Kurtzer.