Captain Bulls*** Strikes Again

Obama won’t accept PAC money.

Using campaign appearances, e-mails to supporters, and Iowa TV ads, Illinois Senator Barack Obama has repeatedly reminded voters that his presidential campaign does not accept contributions from lobbyists or political action committees, casting his decision as a noble departure from the ways of Washington.

Obama, you see, is pure as the driven snow [Ed. — Begin the countdown until some lefty calls you a dirty racist for using that phrase]. So, please ignore this:


And also ignore their Facebook campaign:


Because Obama doesn’t take PAC money. Obama does not like PACs.

What’s that you say? Oh, this is not PAC money going to Obama? Of course it is not. It’s MoveOn using its money to promote Obama. It’s not the campaign. There is no coordination. None. Not going to happen.

You just remember, the people who brought you “General Betray Us” want to bring you “President Obama.”

That’s really the only connection you need to know.