BREAKING NEWS: Obama campaign caught lying about free tickets to convention speech.

Channel 4 News in Denver, CO is reporting that the Obama campaign has been lying about tickets to the Obama speech at Invesco Field in Denver, CO.

Reporters discovered a hidden link on the Obama website targeted to known high dollar donors. The Obama campaign solicited those donors for $1000.00 in exchange for tickets to the event.

This is directly contrary to what Obama’s campaign claimed.

See the news story here:

In other news, the Democrats, instead of doing the whole “teach a man to fish” thing with the Denver homeless, have opted to give the homeless free haircuts so everyone is pretty and photogenic (including the homeless!!!!) in Denver.

Surely we can do another Obama celebrity ad based on this.

Hey RedStaters, don’t you want to cut a new ad for McCain. Even the homeless must look pretty to be near Obama! It practically writes itself.