Ben Smith of Politico Admits Obama Supported Infanticide

It’s great that members of the mainstream media are now getting in on the act and admitting that Obama did support infanticide in the Illinois State Senate.

Check out Ben’s post here.

What? Don’t see the admission from Ben that Obama did support infanticide?

Go read it again.

That Smith is slinging Obama’s mud against Jill Stanek is proof positive and a total admission that Obama did support infanticide.

That Obama can no longer win by obfuscating the issue and instead must rely on the Politico to attack Jill Stanek, the lady who held the baby in her arms and got the Illinois BAIPA ball rolling, is 100% total proof that Ben Smith and Barack Obama concede the point.

Obama supported infanticide.

Now he and the media will attack the messenger since they can no longer refute the message.

P.S. – Ganging up on the messenger who isn’t running for office with folks in the media isn’t really the sort of shiny new politics you’ve professed to believe in, is it Barry?