A Point Well Made on Obama

A caller to Rush Limbaugh’s show made a great point well. It’s one I have not heard made as well.

Let’s go back to Saddleback.

Let’s assume, for argument’s sake, that Obama via Andrea Mitchell is telling the truth: John McCain had advanced knowledge of the questions (yeah, yeah, I know it is not true, but let’s pretend it is. Let’s humor Barry).

Okay, so now, assuming McCain had the answers in advance, Barry’s argument really amounts to this:

Yeah, I was a disaster, but McCain would not have been so good had he not had the questions.

That’s it. Even assuming Barry’s lie about McCain and the questions were true, Barry’s position is not that he would have done better, but McCain would have done worse.

And that, again and again and again, is Barry’s excuse. It is never that Barry can do better. It’s always that the other guy should have done worse and would have had there been a level playing field.

Talk about embracing mediocrity.

This would not be happening, btw, if Barry had more experience.