The Battered Spouses of the Left

Our side expects McCain to name a pro-life Vice President. He will.

The left expects Obama to obstruct FISA. He folds like a cheap suit. The left sends him more money.

Our side expects McCain to change his mind on domestic oil production. He does.

The left expects Obama to continue his obstruction of offshore drilling. Obama caves on the issue. The left sends him money.

Time and again, the left is willing to bend over and take it again and again from Obama.

You see, John McCain knows he has to take us along for the ride. We’re willing to compromise on some issues, see e.g. global warming, but we’re not willing to sell out our values.

The left, on the other hand, doesn’t so much as get a kiss after Obama’s used them. But they’ll open their wallets yet again.

*Funny that Obama keeps caving toward the right, not away from it, ain’t it?