Neither Tom Ridge Nor Joe Lieberman Will Be McCain's Veep Pick

There are a lot of people getting really upset of late worrying that Tom Ridge or, to a lesser extent, Joe Lieberman, could be John McCain’s Vice Presidential Pick.

That is not going to happen. People should step back from the ledge.

Why do I know it won’t happen?

John McCain does not get to be the Republican Presidential Nominee without (A) being a smart man and (B) surrounding himself with smart people. And smart people are smart enough to know that a pro-choice running mate would sabotage John McCain’s chances of being President.

Put it to you this way: if John McCain picks a pro-abortion running mate, RedState would more than likely sit out the Presidential race. The majority of our readers would go on to do other things. The goodwill that John McCain built up at Saddleback this past Saturday night would be flushed down the drain.

Tom Ridge, Joe Lieberman, and the other potential running mates who are abortion rights supporters are non-starters, deal breakers, and totally unacceptable.

John McCain knows this. He and his campaign want to win in November. Couple both of those data points and you realize Tom Ridge and Joe Lieberman are imagined picked by the media designed to sow discomfort among the ranks of people just coming to terms with John McCain as the GOP nominee.

Not gonna happen.