I Can't Quit You People (except Moe. I'm banning Moe)

Jonlester pees in the pool and flees the scene.

EPU bails because the whole VRWC thing (or, as a local guy on the radio called it, the “VRWC Conspiracy”) gave him the creeps (yeah, yeah, I know he’s joking).

But I can’t quit you people. This is the most fun I’ve ever had as both a hobby and a job. Day in and day out, site performance frustrations not withstanding, I am truly blessed to be with you guys on a daily basis.

And I don’t tell you guys enough.

Now if you’d just write more on your local/state politics. 😉

Oh, and I can quit Moe. In fact, I’m banning Moe. Jerk goes to Hawaii, leaves us all behind, and has the nerve to rub it in?

BLAM him.