"That Pelosi Woman Is Nuts"

This, ladies and gentlemen, is must see TV.

This also ties in directly with this new polling data that suggests the GOP is having a serious impact on the issue and the Democrats are feeling the heat.

Six out of 10 Americans (61%) say Congress should return to Washington immediately to vote on lifting the ban on offshore oil drilling, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. But voters overwhelmingly expect Congress to adjourn this year without taking action.

Even more (67%) recognize that Republicans are the ones pushing for offshore drilling, and 77% say the issue is important to them in terms of how they will vote for Congress this November. Forty-five percent (45%) of voters say it is Very Important. Voters see a clear difference between the political parties on this issue as 61% perceive that congressional Democrats oppose offshore drilling.

There is no reason for the Gang of 5 GOP Senators to be throwing the GOP under the bus with this issue. I interviewed Saxby Chambliss this morning, and even he admits that they don’t know how they are going to pay for the $80 billion plan. Likewise, the plan claims to do a lot, but actually does very little.

The plan does not even scrap ethanol import tariffs to reduce the costs of ethanol.

Here is just an example of how bad the plan is. $20 billion will be dedicated to an “Apollo Project.” $7.5 billion will go to R&D for new technology. $7.5 billion will go to automakers. $5 billion will be used to give consumers ” up to $7,500 per vehicle to incentivize [the] purchase [of] advanced alternative fuel vehicles (those that run primarily on non-petroleum fuels) and up to $2,500 to retrofit existing vehicles with advanced alternative fuel engines.”

The math does not add up. This would help the purchasers of 666,667 vehicles. There are 250 million registered vehicles in the US. So this revolutionary legislation, designed to convert 85% of the vehicles in the country to “non-petroleum fuels” in 20 years would assist buyers of 1/375th of the vehicles registered in the US.