Rush Limbaugh: Murderer

It’s my sad duty today to announce that Rush Limbaugh has been arrested for murder.

Earlier today he gunned down Arkansas Democrat Party Chairman Bill Gwantney in a tragic shooting.

Well, Rush did not do it actually, but that has not stopped the left from blaming him. There was a tragedy in Arkansas today. Bill Gwantney, a former state senator and the current DPA Chair was murdered. The Kos Kidz immediately set about blaming Rush Limbaugh for the tragedy.

Typical of the comments is this one:

Limbaugh, et al RW hatemongers may have pulled the triggers.Let them call off the dogs of civil war they have motivated.Ask Limbaugh, et al if this is what they have been agitating for all along. Have they been encouraging their minions to Kill Democrats?Sounds like from here. & it sounds like they finally got the results they’ve been calling for.Let them deny it now.

There is also this one:

I’d bet money that the shooter was a ditto-head

The guardians of free speech don’t seem to like it all that much. Knowing nothing about the tragedy, they’ve leapt to the conclusion that the murderer was controlled by Rush Limbaugh. While he is that powerful, Rush only uses his powers for good.

By the way, an APB has been put out on Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin who have also been implicated in the murder.

Sometimes there are awful tragedies in the world and sometimes those tragedies do not have political points in them. The “reality based community” should recognize that. Our prayers go out to the Gwantney family on this sad occasion and also to the “reality based community” that sometimes should know better.