The House GOP Protest is Working. Pelosi Folding Like a Cheap Tent.

The Hill is reporting overnight Nancy Pelosi is caving to the House Republican protest.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday night dropped her staunch opposition to a vote on offshore oil drilling in the House.

Republicans, reacting to high gas prices, have demanded a vote on additional oil exploration in the Outer Continental Shelf, where drilling is currently blocked by a moratorium. Until now, Pelosi (D-Calif.) has resisted the idea as a “hoax.” But in an interview on CNN’s Larry King Live, she indicated that she was open to a vote.

“They have this thing that says drill offshore in the protected areas,” Pelosi said. “We can do that. We can have a vote on that.”

Keep up the pressure. Later on today I hope to have up individual videos on the variously targeted Democratic congressmen who are in their districts saying they are fighting for lower gas prices in Washington, but are not actually on the floor of the House standing shoulder to shoulder with the House Republicans.

In the meantime, circulate this video to all your friends: