McCain is so Good on the Republic of Georgia the Left Must Seek to Discredit Him

Let’s recap this folks, because this is going to become the next “100 Years” meme from the left.

Taegan Goddard, a man of the left, used his platform at CQ to kick it off. The left is accusing McCain of plagiarizing Wikipedia.

Yeah, read that again. They are accusing McCain of plagiarizing Wikipedia.

There is no proof other than some similarities between McCain’s recitation of Georgia’s history and Wikipedia.

Now, here’s the funny thing.

Before I read the alleged excerpts, I gave an overview of Georgian history on the radio this morning. I guess I plagiarized Wikipedia too, though I had not even read the excerpts.

All I knew was what Bill Beutler had written, which did not include the quotes. I figured I better go check out what exactly the allegedly lifted quotes were before I went into the details of this post.

Funny that.

This, by the way, is the key thing. To understand the history of Georgia, you need to point out that Georgia was a province of the Roman Empire, it has a long history of Christianity, with the area becoming Christianized around 330 A.D., and you must explain the sordid history of Georgia’s relationship with the Soviet Union and Russia. History is important to the region.

If a recitation of facts is plagiarism, I guess we all plagiarize. Bill is right about defining plagiarism down. Geez.

Amazing how dismissive the left was when bloggers accused Obama of lifting whole passages from other people’s speeches and yet the left is perfectly willing to accuse John McCain of plagiarism by accurately recounting Georgia’s history.

Here again is the take away point: McCain has gotten so much good press for his statements and speeches on Georgia, clearly contrasting his experience with Barack Obama’s inexperience, the left must discredit McCain. They cannot build up Obama. They must tear down McCain — even if it means they’ll grasp at straws to do it.