John Edwards Creates Two Americas: One for legit kids. One for illegit kids.

Streiff noted last night the media is just now paying attention to John Edwards and his baby’s mama.

But here’s the thing. Ann Coulter hits the nail on the head.

Hey, what sort of “elected official” was Ted Haggard again? He was the Christian minister no one outside of his own parish had ever heard of until he was caught in a gay sex scandal last year. Then he suddenly became the Pope of the Protestants.

When the Ted Haggard story broke, here is what I wrote.

Apparently some preacher in Colorado has been fornicating with some gay prostitute and doing crystal meth. At least that is what the media tells me.For some reason, the media seems to think that all Evangelicals are led by someone and apparently this guy is suppose to be our leader. I don’t know who the heck he is. Never heard of him until today.I guess in the media world this is par for the course. After all, they talk about “Black Leaders” and “Hispanic Leaders” and “Catholic Leaders,” so I guess we evangelicals are suppose to have one too.Well, the leader of my evangelical movement is named Jesus Christ. I have no idea who this Ted guy is or if what the media claims is true is actually true.

After I wrote that post, I received several emails from lefty bloggers insinuating that I knew who Haggard was, was lying about not knowing him, and was trying to avoid talking about him lest it hurt my cause.

Again though, I really had never heard of this guy before. In fact, in my highly evangelical, Christian family of regular church goers, none of us knew who this Haggard fellow was.

Nonetheless, the media gave it front page treatment and nightly news coverage.

The former vice presidential nominee of the Democratic party, Presidential candidate this year, popular populist figure of the Democratic Party cheats on his wife who has cancer, gets some lady pregnant, sneaks around in the night to visit his baby’s mama, and the media acts like he’s a nobody not worth covering.

The double standard is impressive.