BREAKING: Barack Obama Trashes United States to Seven Year Old Girl


RUSH LIMBAUGH: I don’t know that you’ve heard this yet ladies and gentlemen. This happened yesterday in Elkhart, IN. It was at a campaign event. A little 7 year old girl stood up to ask a question of Barack Obama. Her name is Natalia.

She asked this question of Barack Obama, “Why did you start running for President?”

SEN. BARACK OBAMA(file): America is no longer, uh, what it could be. What it once was. And I say to myself, “I don’t want that future for my children.”

LIMBAUGH: Alright, now here’s he’s brought it home. He had trashed his country in Germany, he has seen the result of that in his plummeting poll numbers. And now he does it again in Elkhart, IN. A 7 year old little girl. You’re running for President Sen. Obama, a little girl asks you a question, “Why did you start running for President?”

It’s a 7 year old Senator. Ya tell her because you love the country. You tell her because this is the greatest place on Earth. That we’ve got challenges, but you want to help the country through it. You don’t tell a 7 year old that her country isn’t what it once was. You do not lie to 7 year olds and tell them that your country sucks. You just don’t do it Senator.

America’s no longer what it could be? What it once was? How the Hell would you know Sir? Your experience has only been in one part of America. Elite, leftist academia.