Nikki Tinker, Having Pulled the Race Card, Now Pulls the Religion Card

The TN-09 primary is Thursday.

Here’s a comprehensive post on the racism and anti-Semitism going on in the primary.

And it’s all being leveled at the white guy. Steve Cohen’s opponent, Nikki Tinker, is pushing a message that only a black person should represent black people in Congress. She’s also giving support to a separate message that Steve Cohen hates Jesus because he is a Jew.

In the closing days of the campaign, Tinker played the race card hard in an ad that is a flat out lie. But she wouldn’t let facts stop her.

Now she’s playing the religion card. (how many cards are there in the deck anyway?)

Barack Obama, who was willing to intervene in a bitterly fought Georgia primary on behalf of the white incumbent, has remained silent in this race even though (1) Cohen is the incumbent and (2) Cohen supported Obama early on and Tinker only did after Clinton lost.

Don’t believe Obama when he claims to transcend politics. The Democrats could have used adult supervision in this race and they did not get it.