Mazen Asbahi Resigns As Barack Obama's "Coordinator for Muslim American Affairs."

Well this won’t be too helpful for Barack “I have a funny middle name” Obama.

The Muslim-outreach coordinator to the presidential campaign of Barack Obama has resigned amid questions about his involvement in an Islamic investment fund and various Islamic groups.Chicago lawyer Mazen Asbahi, who was appointed volunteer national coordinator for Muslim American affairs by the Obama campaign on July 26, stepped down Monday after an Internet newsletter wrote about his brief stint on the fund’s board, which also included a fundamentalist imam.”Mr. Asbahi has informed the campaign that he no longer wishes to serve in his volunteer position, and we are in the process of searching for a new national Arab American and Muslim American outreach coordinator,” spokesman Ben LaBolt said in a statement.

According to the Wall Street Journal, which is no longer a credible source because Rupert Murdoch owns it, Mr. Asbahi is directly connected to Jamal Said, an imam for a fundamentalist-controlled mosque in Illinois. From there the connections go to the radical Muslim Brotherhood.

Mr. Asbahi sat on the board of Allied Assets Advisors Fund, a subsidiary of the North American Islamic Trust, which, the Wall Street Journal tells us, “is supported financially by the government of Saudi Arabia, holds title to many mosques in the U.S. and promotes a conservative brand of Islam compatible with the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood and also akin to the fundamentalist style predominant in Saudi Arabia.”