I'd say this is the pot calling the kettle black, but Obama's supporters would call me racist.

John McCain is out promoting nuclear energy and Obama’s response is to accuse McCain of being divisive.

Oh wait, maybe it’s not just the nuclear issue. Maybe it’s because McCain is daring to fight back.

“When John McCain’s campaign goes out there and starts saying things like I’d rather lose the war to win an election or when he says that somehow I didn’t want to visit troops in Germany … then you’re not trying to solve problems,” said an impassioned Obama.”All you’re trying to do is divide people so you can win an election,” Obama told a crowd in Youngstown, Ohio. “That’s nothing to be proud of.”

Well, let’s see, Obama did ditch the troops in Germany and he’s going to do it again in the United States.

And Obama’s energy plan does not include tapping our oil reserves and his energy plan does not include expanding our use of nuclear energy.

Obama’s energy plan consists of inflating your tires, getting regular tune ups, and waiting for decades for new alternatives to become viable.

Hell, Paris Hilton’s energy plan makes more sense than Obama’s energy plan.