Democrats Nervous that John McCain Might Give Them a Fight

The Democrats are like Israelites. The Israelites wandered through the desert seeing great miracles of God. Nonetheless, when the Israelites made it to the promised land, they were fearful of the Canaanites and wanted to flee. God punished them.

The Democrats have wandered in the Presidential political wilderness for a long time. Yet Obama has shown them great wonders. He beat the Clintons. He brought in young people in a way we haven’t seen since Bobby Kennedy. He, a black man, enraptured a horde of blond Germans in Berlin.

Yet they now doubt.

Democrats are increasingly worried Barack Obama is not hitting back hard enough against rival John McCain and missing opportunities to tie the Republican candidate to the Bush administration.The Arizona senator garnered his best reviews in some time last week after weeks of being drowned out by the intense media spotlight surrounding Obama. McCain seemed to find his voice with the launch of two campaign ads, which received mixed reviews but helped him break through the media clutter and target the Illinois senator on the issue of offshore drilling.

Why is Obama unable to throw a hard punch? Maybe because McCain’s position today is Obama’s position tomorrow.

It’s really hard to throw a punch when you’re going to knock yourself in the face.