As Obama Rises in the East, I'm Having a Heck of a lot of Fun on the Radio

I’m having so much fun on the radio this morning, I’ve got to share the link this morning. Feel free to tune in or call at 478-742-0940.

We’ve already talked all about Obama’s reversals on oil, Iraq, etc., etc., etc. We’ve decided you all must be dirty racists if you think these are flip-flops. Clearly you’re so bigoted you just did not hear the consistency in Obama’s voice and had you not been such dirty racists we would have never thought he was inconsistent.*

Repent and accept Obama as your Lord and Savior. Develop a personal relationship with him. Fair Warning though, unlike Christ, Barack will need your money and vote too.

In the meantime feel free to tune in.

*I had to go back through and change “we” to “you,” because I’ve turned my face toward the rising Obama in the East and had my sins thrown under the bus by our merciful Lord.+

+Not to be confused with Lord Voldemort.