The battle for the Kansas Republican Party just got very ugly

When you hear “Kansas Traditional Republican Majority” you probably see the word “tradition” and connote that this must be the conservative GOP organization in Kansas.

Not only would you be wrong, but if you are in Kansas, you may be totally misled. This organization, the state equivalent of the Republican Main Street Partnership, the far left organization dedicated to making the GOP platform a mirror of the Democrat platform, is tarring and feathering conservative Republicans in Kansas. Notice that their website features Dwight Eisenhower, not Ronald Reagan.

As Kansas Progress notes

The group calling itself “Kansas Traditional Republican Majority” is a small but well-funded group of Republicans who support judicial activism, oppose school choice, support tax increases, and are generally liberal on social issues (when not liberal, then indifferent). KTRM has strong ties to elected officials in Johnson County, the county’s business community, the National Education Association, and the current Kansas Senate Republican leadership. . . . [N]ow-Democrat Lt. Governor Mark Parkinson (a previous GOP state party chairman) is a former supporter of KTRM.

With a primary tomorrow, if you live in Kansas you need to spread the word on this.

Please do read on below the fold.

The Kansas Traditional Republican Majority (“KTRM”) has gone on the attack against Kansas District Attorney Phill Kline and former congressman Jim Ryun, who is in a heated primary contest against Lynn Jenkins, a pro-abortion, tax and spend liberal Republican.

The attack, which you can find here, attempts to paint Jim Ryun and Phil Kline as racists. You get the idea from the opening:

Traditional Republicans demand that Phill Kline and Jim Ryun explain their association with Family Research Council Action (FRCA) whose executive director Tony Perkins has ties to the Ku Klux Klan and other white-supremacist organizations. “This disgusts me,” said Kansas Traditional Republican Majority Executive Director Ryan Wright. “Kline and Ryun are cut from the same cloth; they owe it to voters to prove that they do not share these racist beliefs. Ryun and Kline must explain their association with the Family Research Council.”

Perkins, formerly a Louisiana legislator, purchased a mail list from a company that David Duke was connected to. Of course KTRM does not tell you that no one knew Duke was involved until well after Perkins left elected politics for FRC. Likewise, Perkins spoke to the Council of Conservative Citizens, an organization the left has declared too racist for anyone to speak to.

What’s even more disturbing is that KTRM has ties to the Kansas Republican establishment in the State Senate. Republican leaders in the State Senate have refused to rule out tax hikes and are funneling money to KTRM to take on Republicans who would fight tax increases.

According to the latest available campaign finance reports, the Senate Leadership PAC contributed $45,000 to “Kansans for a Traditional Republican Majority,” a group that supports liberal candidates running against conservatives by distributing negative material widely condemned by both moderates and conservatives.The group has especially targeted conservative candidates for the state senate, as well as Johnson County DA Phill Kline, who is running as an incumbent.

If you live in Kansas, you owe it to the cause to spread the word and stop the left from winning with ridiculous attacks against conservatives.