Happy Birthday, Barack Obama

Just in time for Barack Obama’s birthday, our friends at Regnery Publishing (also owned by Eagle Publishing, Inc.) have released David Freddoso’s new book, The Case Against Barack Obama.

While there are other books out there on Obama, I have to say, and not just because Regnery and RedState have a relationship, David has the best, in that his book is built around Obama’s record, not around chain letters in your email box. And yes, I’ve checked out the others and feel comfortable saying that.

Ben Smith notes:

Freddoso opts largely for a fact-based critique, and writes that the viral and overt smears have allowed Obama to evade substantive criticism. “Too many of those criticizing Obama have been content merely to slander him,” he writes. False rumors about Obama’s religion and ancestry have produced, Freddoso writes, “an intellectual laziness among the very people who should be carefully scrutinizing Obama.” His book comes with Republican popularity at a historic low, amid widespread disenchantment with Republican ideals of limited government and hawkish foreign policy. Many – including, apparently, McCain’s strategists – doubt a Republican can win a policy face-off. But as the real campaign hones in on the character of the candidates, Freddoso’s book attempts to build an alternate case against Obama.

It actually is a good read and a great effort by Dave.
As my friend Greg Mueller, who is helping Dave with the PR on the book (and also handled the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in 2004), told me, “The way to beat Obama is to unravel the reformer/centrist brand the MSM have marketed to the public. There is still quite a bit of doubt about Senator Obama – people are not so sure and this is why he is in a dead heat with McCain when, frankly, he should be 15 points ahead right now. We Republicans must change the direction of the brand. Freddoso does an incredible job, void of sensationalism, a just the facts ma’am job of peeling back the Obama marketing campaign leaving the reader with the facts. When you look at the full Obama political record the way Freddoso has in the book, you understand how Obama earned every bit of his most liberal U.S. Senator title. When the American people learn the facts through the new media in the coming months Obama-mania will spiral.”

I think that’s an accurate reflection of this book. It’s well documented, well researched, and avoids the sensationalism that others have gone with. The Case Against Barack Obama really is well worth reading.

Know the opponent.

By the way, Dave will be on Hannity & Colmes tonight to talk about this.