Less Believe Obama Capable of Leading Than Before He Went to Europe

The poor guy’s stock keeps falling. No wonder he’s crashing in the futures market. After his messianic journey to the Middle East and Europe, less people think Barack Obama can handle the job of Commander-in-Chief than did before he left for his trip.

Granted, the drop is small; it’s down from 55% to 52%. However, after ditching the troops in Germany and apologizing for us ugly Americans to the German horde, can you blame people for questioning his fitness to lead the troops?

Oh, and here is the real kicker: less people no think Obama is capable of handling terrorism and the situation in Iraq.

Again, how can you blame them? He went to Iraq, met with the general, and flatly ignored him. He says he’d still vote against the surge and his surrogates still deny the surge had any impact.

The public cannot be blamed for a diminished view of Obama. Look for him to start throwing the race card toward middle America.