The Obama Energy Plan: Inflating your tires and getting regular tune-ups can save you as much gas as we'll get from drilling.

There you go ladies and gentlemen. Barack Obama has let loose with where he actually stands — that is directly against you, the American people.

You can listen to Rush talking about it here. He rightly draws the connection to Jimmy Carter’s policies.

Next, I suppose, Obama will advocate the maximum speed limit be 55 mph again.

First, let’s point out that he’s full of it on this. This is one of those statements that is not true, when you look into it, but the Washington Post will never devote a front page story to debunking Obama on something like this.

Second, what Barack Obama precisely fails to mention is anything having to do with lowering the price of a gallon of gasoline.

Consider Barack Obama’s own ad, the transcript of which is here.

Barack Obama thinks high gas prices deserve serious answers, and a serious plan: Crack down on oil speculators, raise mileage standards and fast track alternative fuels.

These are not the answers of serious men.

We already know cracking down on oil speculators will have a de minimis impact on the price of oil. Why? Because they’ll go overseas and play in the exact same market.

Raising mileage standards will take a long time to deploy and does nothing to increase supply.

Fast tracking alternative fuels? Like ethanol? We’re already artificially keeping that price high through import tariffs Obama does not want to reduce. And how the hell are else are we suppose to fill up our cars?

Seriously, and this is the central point of contention you cannot ignore Barack Obama offers exactly nothing to deal with the high price of gas by the gallon. Unless he advocates the federal government buying every American a brand new car that can accept his alternative fuels, he offers no relief.

Inflating your tires and getting a regular tune-up sounds more like Obama’s plan for ego maintenance than it does for helping American families.