Sean Tevis Runs For Kansas State House District 15 on Netroots Nation Funds

Kansas Meadowlark has a new fun way to raise money. Meet Sean Tevis. Sean has done little fundraising in the 15th State House District of Kansas.

Instead, Sean went to Netroots Nation and passed the hat. He raised closed to $96,000.00. As Kansas Meadowlark notes

A huge part of Tevis’ contributions (71.9%) were small, unitemized, and without any additional information. *Only 1.8% of all contributions were from known Kansas sources, and NONE were from Tevis’ district.*

He is running against incumbent Arlen Siegfried. The district appears pretty solidly Republican. Nonetheless, it is a pretty cool fundraising idea. Go to Netroots Nation, say you are running against a Republican, and pass the hat.

I’ll have to remember this when I’m on the ballot again in three years. Only, um, my name will be, um, Advan Tageofyou.