Sarah Lai Strickland Totally Downplays Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, and Marilyn Katz

Check this out. Wired blogger Sarah Lai Strickland has a look at the GOP’s Facebook parody site of Obama. In it, she notes:

Rezko, a Chicago landlord, *most recently was in the headlines for being on trial for corruption*. Ayers, now a university professor, was a member of the violent 1960s group The Weather Underground, and Katz, now a public-relations consultant, was a former student activist involved in sometimes-violent Vietnam War protests against the police. Rezko is a campaign donor, Ayers sat on the board of a charity with Obama, and Katz is a fund-raiser.

How about Rezko was convicted on 16 counts in a federal corruption trial.

Oh, and how about Barack Obama got his start in elected office in Bill Ayers’s living room.

Let’s not forget Marilyn Katz who was not just “involved in” the protests. She marched in 1968 at the Democratic National Convention, through nails in the street to obstruct police, and championed a “Democratic Socialist paradise.”