Obama's Crooks and Cronies a/k/a His Economic Policy Team

Today Barack Obama met with his economic policy advisers. Let’s review who they are.

First, there is St. Robert Rubin. The media prefers us to remember Rubin as the savior of the economy; such a good Secretary of the Treasury, Bush wanted a Democrat and found Hank Paulson. They don’t like to talk about this. Yeah, that’s right, Robert Rubin has his hands in Citigroup, even though it has been going down the tubes.

Then, there is former Secretary of Commerce William Daley, Mayor Daley’s brother. According to Lisa Lerer in the Politico, Secretary Daley has been a lobbyist for Fannie Mae. Of course, Barack Obama doesn’t deal with lobbyists, so we are not supposed to point that out.

Of course, not only was Bill Daley a lobbyist for Fannie Mae, he also headed Illinois’s lobbying efforts for a rare isotope accelerator and, while serving as president of SBC, he led a $40 million lobbying effort to deregulate the telecom industry.

Obama’s group of economic advisers also includes former Secretary Federico Pena. Secretary Pena helped . . . wait for it . . . Enron.

Hoping to fulfill the energy giant’s biggest ambition to create a nationwide electricity market, former Enron Chairman Kenneth Lay played a part in getting President Clinton to propose a power deregulation bill, internal Enron documents show.Mr. Clinton sent the bill to Congress within weeks of receiving a Feb. 20, 1998, letter from Mr. Lay, obtained by The Washington Times, urging him to get personally involved because Congress appeared ready to act on legislation promoting competition and consumer choice in electricity.


Ken Lay, in fact, wrote a letter to President Clinton at Secretary Pena’s urging over this matter. Internal Enron documents show Secretary Pena gave Lay key information about “key contacts from important constituents” who could pressure President Clinton.

Oh, and Secretary Pena was proud of pushing ahead with Yucca Mountain.

Let’s not forget Penny Pritzker. She’s got corruption all over her background.

In fact, under Ms. Pritzker’s watch, the FDIC had to take control of the bank her family managed. In 2001, federal regulators cited “poor oversight by [Superior Bank’s] board” when it chose to shut it down.

Last, but certainly not least, there is John Sweeney, President of the AFL-CIO, a union committed to spending millions of dollars to get Obama elected.

These people, ladies and gentlemen, will be in charge of the American economy should Barack Obama get elected. We can’t let that happen.