Obama Leaked His Prayer to Press Before He Didn't

Though there was a lot of outrage expressed over someone pulling Obama’s prayer out of the Western Wall, I personally figured he’d focus grouped the heck out of it first, knowing someone was going to get hold of it.

Well, it appears I was probably right. In fact, according to the Israeli paper that published Obama’s prayer, he, well, from the New Republic:

the Obama campaign actually leaked the note to reporters before Obama even placed it in the wall. *Yediot Aharonot*, Israel’s most popular daily, apparently also received a copy of the note in advance but decided not to print it.

Of course, as we could expect, Obama’s campaign now denies the note was “approved for publication.” Can we really believe that though? They leak the letter to the media and it is somehow not approved for publication? They aren’t, after all, denying that they let it leak in advance. And even if they did, can we believe them now? I doubt it. There is less and less we can believe from Obama’s press operation. Like candidate, like staff.